Making SSH connections to PlayBook Simulator

The latest update of the PlayBook Simulator has support for SSH connections. In this post I will explain the steps you have to follow in order to make an SSH connection to the PlayBook Simulator on a Mac OS.

Step 1. Start the simulator and make sure it is set in development mode (if you don’t know how to set these options read this post). Also, write down the IP address because you’ll needed it later on.

Step 2. Creating an RSA2 key. Open a Terminal window and navigate to /Users/youruser/.ssh/. Then execute this command (it will create a pair of 4096-bit RSA2 keys) – when prompted, don’t enter any phrase:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

In the screenshot above you can see an example of what the execution looks like. In this example I have created a key named mcorlanrsa24096.

Step 3. Setting the key for your device. Open a new Terminal console and navigate to the bin folder of the BlackBerry Tablet SDK 0.9.2. On my machine this path looks like this: “/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder Burrito/sdks/blackberry-tablet-sdk-0.9.2/bin/”. Then execute this command (make sure you set the correct IP address, your device password, and the path towards the public key you generated in Step 2):

./blackberry-connect -targetHost -devicePassword 1234 -sshPublicKey

Don’t close this terminal or terminate the process or else you won’t be able to make SSH connections to the Simulator.

Step 4. Making the SSH connection. Go back to the first Terminal window or open a new one and type in this command (again make sure the IP address is the one for your simulator and that the path of the key is for the one you’ve generated in step 2; this time you’ll need the private key, the file without the .pub extension):

ssh devuser@ -i /Users/mcorlan/.ssh/mcorlanrsa24096

And that is it! I want to thank Peter Hansen for his contribution to the community (see this thread from the BlackBerry forums). On that thread you’ll find some notes on how to do the same on Windows. Also it seems right now the user for this SSH connection (devuser ) is different than the one (1000) who owns the AIR applications installed. This means that I couldn’t delete or alter those files. We are still in beta aren’t we?

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