Flash Camp Bucharest 2010 – Live Streaming

Today, we’ll host the last Flash Camp of this year in the Adobe Bucharest office. And because every time we organize an event in our office, many of you ask for live streaming or recording, we decided to do just that :D

So, today December 7th starting at 5PM (Romanian time) you’ll be able to watch the live streaming here: http://corlan.org/flashcamp/

One more thing, we are optimistic that everything will go right with this live streaming/recording. However, the setup is quite complex. My friend Dragos Dascalita (who will have a session on this subject – how to set up live streaming) took care of all the tiny bits (2 professional video cameras, audio/video mixer, server infrastructure, and so on). And because there are so many parts involved there is no guarantee everything will run accordingly to the plan.

Oh, almost forgot, the event is in Romanian so I apologize to those who want to participate but don’t speak Romanian.

9 thoughts on “Flash Camp Bucharest 2010 – Live Streaming

  1. Oameni buni, Miti asta nu stie pe ce lume e. Nu trebuie sa fii hip si cool ca sa pricepi ce face o tehnologie si nici rocket science engineer ca sa ai discurs cursiv.

  2. @cosu

    Obisnuieste-te cu discursuri mai subtile. Omu’ stie mai multe decat vrea sa arate. Zi-i multumesc ca vine in fata ta si-ti prezinta o alta perspectiva chiar daca nu-ti da totul mura-n gura.

  3. @cristi: ratezi esentialul. Nu stiu ce stie el tehnic si putin ma intereseaza dar ca prezentare si un student de anul 1 s-ar descurca mai bine si ar fi mai coerent. Mai bine putin si bine decat mult si prost, nu ? sau nu.

    PS: Should this be in English ? The flashcamp thing was .ro only right ?

  4. Presentations and recordings are coming – next week. I’ll update this post don’t worry about :D

  5. Da, Mihai, te rog pune si prezentarile. Cat despre cosu, cand vei ajunge si tu la nivelul lui, atunci poti veni sa postezi comm de acest gen. Multumim Mihai!

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