Flash Camp Bucharest 2010

On December 7th, in the Adobe Bucharest office we will host a Flash Camp. And believe me this is one event you don’t want to miss.

This time we chose to have more speakers and at the same time to have sessions that go beyond the basics. Here is the schedule so far (I might add another session):

  1. Keynote – Mihai Corlan / Developer Evangelist / Adobe
  2. Building Android Apps with AIR, Flash Builder, and Flex SDK – Mihai Corlan / Developer Evangelist / Adobe
  3. All about live video streaming – Dragos Dascalita / Computer Scientist / Adobe
  4. Playing with Robotlegs & Swiz – Marius Remus Mate / Computer Scientist / Adobe
  5. Hardware acceleration in Flash Player & Adobe AIR – Alex Chiculita / Computer Scientist / Adobe
  6. Smart systems and the Flash Platform – Miti Pricope / Entrepreneur

You can “meet” some of the speakers if you watch this video (please note it is in Romanian because the event will be in Romanian too):

The event will start at 5 PM and you can register here.

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