Resolving empty list of devices on MacOS – Android and AIR

My fellow evangelist Tom Krcha wrote a blog post about how to make sure that your Android device is found on Windows when using Flash Builder Burrito in order to deploy your AIR application to the device. So I thought it would be worth sharing another solution I found when working with Burrito and Android devices this time on Mac OS.

What I’m experiencing from time to time on my machine is that Flash Builder doesn’t find my Nexus One although it is hooked to my machine via a USB cable and  all the settings are set (USB debugging enabled).

So my solution to this issue is to open a Terminal window and run this command: adb devices. After this I can safely use Burrito to deploy my app on my phone. Of course you need to download the Android SDK in order to have the adb (Android Debug Bridge) tool. But this seems to solve the problem every single time.

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