Adobe, WebKit, and Digital Publishing

Last week, during the opening session of Adobe MAX 2010, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch demoed something rather cool and, I believe, totally unexpected: adaptive layouts and higher fidelity with HTML and JavaScript plus a “secret” ingredient. Check this video out! It’s really cool.

So how was all of this put together? Basically we took the WebKit (the engine behind Safari and Chrome) and we extended it by adding new CSS properties (yes you heard that right) to enable these cool features. Why is it so important to have features like this implemented at the browser level? Obviously it’s all about performance. I think you can do anything (or almost anything) you want with JavaScript, but as you start doing complex dynamic layouts on devices like tablets/smartphones you will hit a roadblock by going soley with JavaScript.

You may wonder what’s next. Well the sky is the limit as the old saying goes. Because we really want to work with the WebKit Open Source project and W3C to contribute our work back.

PS 1 I’m extremely proud of this project not only because it helps to improve the web but because the engineers behind this work are friends of mine on the Romanian AIR team. It was inspiring and fun to watch their progress on a daily basis and seeing how well they coped with all the pressure. Not everyone gets his work presented by the Adobe CTO at the biggest Adobe conference in a keynote. Well done my friends :)

PS 2 If you want to see the application in action live, all you have to do is to meet me :D I have it running on my Nexus One.

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  1. hey MiHai,

    Check this video out:

    It’s created with TLF v1 about 1.5 years ago, just a side project back then, very glad to see Adobe’s bringing this to to webkit which will surely make a lot of things easier.


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