Public preview releases for Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, and Flex SDK

Last night we released the first public preview for Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, and Flex SDK. I can tell you that you will love them. I’ve been playing around for the past 10 days with Flash Builder and Flex SDK building mobile apps and the level of the support from the tooling and framework is just great.

There are so many new features and improvements (bidirectional workflows between Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, support for mobile development) that I will not enumerate them here. Instead, I encourage you to read the following:

And more importantly, go here (Adobe Labs) and download/play with them.

LATER UPDATE: Almost forgot to tell you about this great resource: go to and grab the sample applications built with Flex SDK “Hero” for mobile and desktop. Some of them have the source available so you can see how they were built.

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