Flex 4 mini book: Flex 4 in a Day

As you know this year we released the fourth version of our framework for building RIAs on top of Flash Player or Adobe AIR. As you can imagine, I spent quite some time evangelizing Flex 4 at conferences, customer meetings, and training sessions.

In preparing my presentations/articles I read a lot of material (Adobe’s documentation or blog posts) and talked to our engineers. And some time this summer I started to distill all this information into a formal document I called “Flex 4 in a day”. Initially I was really looking to a way to put all the relevant information into a document you could read in no more than a day. In the end, what I created is a 40-page document with links to additional resources. So I doubt you can “eat” everything in one day.

So what’s in it for you in reading this mini book? I think I managed to keep a fine balance in staying focused on the main features of Flex 4 and providing enough information to understand each one. Here is a list of the topics I covered:

  • MXML 2009
    • Namespaces
    • States
    • New MXML Tags (Declarations, Library, Definition, Private, Reparent, DesignLayer)
    • Two-way data binding
  • MXML Graphics and FXG
  • CSS
  • Flex Themes
    • Creating a Flex Theme
    • Applying a Theme
  • Spark Components
    • The Skinning Contract – Skinning Spark Components
    • Creating Spark components and skins
    • Spark Components/Skins lifecycle
  • New Layout Engine
    • Existing Spark layouts
    • Creating custom Spark layouts
  • New Animation Engine
    • Built-in Effects
    • Advanced Effects
  • What’s new in Adobe AIR 2
  • Text Layout Framework in Flex 4
    • Working with Fonts
  • Working with Flex 3 and 4 components in the same project
  • Migrating Flex 3 projects to Flex 4
  • Flash Builder 4 new features
  • Additional Resources

I should have used “we” instead of “I”, because my colleague Alin Achim helped me with some of these topics. A big thank you to Alin!


You can download the PDF from here (651 KB).

If you find mistakes or you have additional resources that you think should be added please drop a comment. Thanks!

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  3. @all

    Thank you :)
    Don’t forget if you have comments/suggestions/corrections shoot :D

    Mihai Corlan

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  6. Thanks for making this book ,it is very useful for beginner’s to learn the Flex.

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