Start making money with AIR apps for Android: AIR is available on Android Market

Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android was just released. So, if you have an Android phone running FroYo (Android 2.2) you can go to Android Market, search for “air” and install the runtime like you’d do with any other application. Next, if you want to try some AIR applications for Android, just search the Internet for AIR Android application. Or you can have a first run with the three applications I’ve built this year (on the right side of my blog you’ll find the links for these apps).

If you want to start developing AIR apps for Android, then the first thing you need to do is to sign up with the AIR prerelease group. And once you grab the AIR 2.5 SDK and the Android SDK (from Google) you are ready to start creating AIR apps. You can use your favorite text editor, Flash Builder 4, or Flash Professional. Quick note: AIR for Android doesn’t support the HTML/JavaScript/CSS workflow for creating AIR apps (AIR apps for desktop can be created using these technologies); it supports only ActionScript/Flex.

How do you get your AIR apps for Android on the Android Market? Basically you need to follow these steps:

  • set up an Android developer account (it costs $25)
  • next you have to create a certificate for signing the application. As with AIR apps, the Android Market accepts self-signed certificates. This means, you can use adt to generate a certificate if you don’t want to buy one
  • now you are ready to upload your APK files

My fellow evangelist Ryan Stewart wrote a post on this topic.

Obviously, I’ve been playing with AIR and Flash Player for Android all this year. And I’ve seen the hard work our engineering teams put in in order to make these runtimes, designed initially for the desktop, to run fast and reliably on mobile devices. I hope that people who have enjoyed Flash Player on Android will love AIR too.

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