Major update to the Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform

The ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook got a major update. While this SDK is fully supported by Adobe and Facebook, the coding was done by Using this SDK you can create ActionScript 3 or Flex applications that communicate with Facebook using the Graph API. You can download the new SDK from here.

At the same time, you’ll find many resources that can help you get up to speed with Flash and Facebook development on Adobe Developer Connection. We have a dedicated section on this topic.

You can learn how to build and test locally, how to package the application as a web, desktop, or Facebook app. You can find examples that illustrate how to display information on the logged user, display thumbnails of Facebook photos, and many more.

On the Adobe Developer Connection Facebook section you’ll find two sample applications that use this new SDK: FIFA superstars developed by Playfish and Glee Your Life developed by Trailer Park.

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