BlackBerry Tablet OS supports Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.5

Great news for the Flash community: today, at BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco, RIM announced that the BlackBerry Tablet OS will support Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.5. And I don’t mean you’ll be able to install them at some point in time. No! They will be available right out of the box.

In fact, Adobe AIR is so tightly integrated, that even the apps launcher and as well as the apps on the tablet are built on AIR 2.5.

Now that’s a nice present for all the Flash developers out there and it’s not even Christmas :). I mean on top of the desktop and Android 2.2, now you have BlackBerry tablets to target with the same tools and skills. And more importantly with virtually the same code base.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks RIM will make available the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK: a collection of tools to help you build and package AIR apps for BlackBerry Tablet using Flash Builder and Flash Professional. The AIR 2.5 SDK will be available soon on (still in private beta for now).

If you are a Java developer and you want to get started with Flash Builder, ActionScript 3, and Flex then you’ll find useful this resource:

Last week, I was highly impressed by Samsung’s Android 2.2 based tablet. Now, I have to see this one before buying a new device!

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