LiveCycle Collaboration Service and Screen Sharing

LiveCycle Collaboration Service just got three new features that I’m pretty sure will make you very happy:

  • Screen Sharing. Yes, this is exactly what the names implies. Now, you can add screen sharing to your applications. Amazingly cool isn’t it?
  • Recording and Playback. You can record and download your collaborative session, and then playback this recording. You will see the data, audio, and video.
  • LCCS JavaScript SDK. We added JavaScript APIs and you can code your collaborative service using JavaScript. Though you still have to embed a SWF in your HTML page.

We also changed the domain name to something more meaningful: and we have a new logo for this service :).

You can read more on the team’s blog, and my fellow evangelist, Tom Krcha, has examples on his blog. Sign up here and get the SDK, use these forums to post questions and feedback, and learn about it here.

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