Test your AIR apps on an Android phone

I realized that for us (Europeans) it is a little bit harder to get our hands on a Nexus One or Droid phone. So, if you have created an AIR app for Android and you don’t have a device to test it on we can meet at one of the next events I’m doing and I will let you do the testing. Maybe we can shoot a video too :)

For now, my schedule looks like this:

  • June 2nd I’ll be in Cluj-Napoca Romania  attending a Flex Camp
  • June 3rd – 5th Timisoara Romania, attending and speaking at Drupal Camp
  • June 10th-12th Norway attending gotoAndSki()

If you live in Bucharest, just send me an email and we will figure out a date depending on when I’m not travelling.

Looking forward to seeing what you build :)

3 thoughts on “Test your AIR apps on an Android phone

  1. Buna
    I tried to make the HelloWorld air app on android.
    On a HTC Legend (Android 2.1 with Eclair air runtime) I have nothing when i launch it.

  2. Did you install the right version of AIR runtime from labs.adobe.com? There are two versions: one for Eclair and another one for FroYo.

    Also, you can use this command adb logcat (adb is one of the tools from the Android SDK) in order to see the errors or messages in console.

  3. Mulţumesc Mihai
    Yes I use the Eclair AIR Runtime.
    I read this on Forum :
    “AIR on Android requires ARMv7 (Cortex) and no other family of processors is supported as of now.”
    So may i hope that my HTC will work some day?

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