Flash Player and Google TV

If you watch the news or what’s happening at Google I/O 2010 chances are that Google TV is not a novelty anymore. However you may not know that Google TV uses Flash Player 10.1 (Google’s browser, Chrome, integrates Flash Player). This is something I know for sure I want. Being able to watch YouTube videos on my TV with my whole family, instead of huddling around a small computer screen, is really nice.

On the other hand, I can’t believe how fast the time flies and how fast the technology evolves and morphs these days. One year ago I was in Berlin talking with journalists for the first time about Digital Home, where the TV sets can handle both the web and regular TV shows.

Here you can see a video with Google TV running Flash content:

7 thoughts on “Flash Player and Google TV

  1. Ama zing!!I am trying 2 eliminate duplicate svcs
    Why do I have 2 pay for HD TV via cable or dish
    and pay for wifi internet and pay for phone/text
    svcs each on a different device? Love this I am
    first inline!!!!

  2. So here is my personal wish list. Any/all input is appreciated.
    I want 2b able 2 work online & watch online HD TV
    & im & receive audio phone call (no landline) all on one device. Forget the bundle(d) savings jive..Any leads/comments? Oh and of course I don’t want 2 pay hugh mthly fees or contracts.
    Hope 2 hear back :)

  3. Televisions brings huge information and entertainment to everyone’s households. Maybe a good Sony tv will deliver this viewing with decent quality?

  4. I hope this will be readily available, certainly will be great for sharing web items with the family. Not heard of google TV until today, so that’s my next stop.

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