Get AIR for Android and play with it

Later Update:

I rewrote the application using the Flex 4.5 framework. It has better and nicer UI and more features. You can find the application on Android Market and BlackBerry App World stores – just search for aTabSplitter there. I added Camera support so you can change the picture from the first screen with one taken with your device. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Today, at Google I/O 2010 we have announced a public beta of the Adobe AIR for Android. This means you can sign in for getting the bits and if you have a Google Nexus One phone you can install the runtime and then test the existent AIR apps for Android or create new ones.

So this makes the perfect moment for sharing my AIR app for Android that will come handy every time you have a dinner with others and want to split the bill. So grab the APK file from here,  make sure you have the Android SDK on your machine and the phone is connected to the computer through the USB cable, and then run this command in console :

adb install -r aTabSplitter.apk

If you don’t like command line, then you can use Serge Jespers AIR app for packaging AIR apps as native installers including APK files for Android. Check his blog post here.

You can get the AIR for Android bits from here (and find more about developing for Android with Adobe AIR).

If you play with my app and you have feedback, please drop a comment!

7 thoughts on “Get AIR for Android and play with it

  1. My anti-virus program detected a trojan when trying to install the windows version. Can someone confirm?


  2. Hey Eric,

    If you talk about Serge’s Packager, then indeed others reported the same issue. You can check the comments on his blog.


  3. I’ve tested with Mihai on a Milestone so it should work on the DROID as well.

  4. Buna ziua,
    How to make an Android apk from an air2.5 app?
    May you help me to get the apk file with adt (or other) on windows
    La revedere

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