Developing for Android using the Flash Platform

I’ve been doing web and desktop development for the past ten years. However, I have never done any application for mobiles. There were couple of things stopping me from developing for mobile devices:

  • The only technology that I could leverage from my previous experience was Java.
  • While I believe that I’m doing a good job as a developer, my user experience design skills are below zero Kelvin degree, if you know what I mean. And I know how hard is to get the right UI for a desktop app. A mobile app takes it to a whole new level.

However these things are going to change. At least for some mobile platforms such as Android. We, at Adobe, are working harder than ever to make Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR first class citizens on Android devices. As the number of Android phones grows it is becoming an interesting market for people who want to make money on mobile apps. And it seems the market wants all sort of apps: casual games, enterprise apps, social apps, and so on.

Once the Flash Platform is available on Android phones I’m ready to build my first mobile application. With all the expressiveness of the platform I might be able to build a great user experience (here I’m in denial of course). Actually, I’ve been working on a mobile app with my friend and colleague Tudor Muscalu (UXD at Adobe) for the past two months. And his experience helped me to design the screens and workflows. At this point I haven’t written a single line of code all that we’ve done are mock-ups.

There is something else I want to share with you regarding developing for mobiles: it really grows on me the excitement I felt when I created my first app many years ago.

If you want to know when Flash Player 10.1 becomes available for Android click here, and for AIR on Android click here.

Are you ready for your first mobile application created with the Flash Platform?


6 thoughts on “Developing for Android using the Flash Platform

  1. Yea, I’m looking forward to that. I recently want to bug one Android Phone, but this confuses me: What’s the requirement (hardware/software) of Flash Player 10.1 in Android? I don’t want to buy one phone but can not dev/play 10.1 on it at last.
    You know the player 10.1 for android will ship in Q2, but the machine of Android with it will be the second half of this year.
    Some suggestions? Thanks!

  2. @Emicky

    I can only presume that it will work on devices such as Nexus One or Droid.


  3. Thank you.
    HTC Desire okay? the similar hardware.
    Does this possible when 10.1 published Nexue One needs to update something or not be supported very well?

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