MAX 2010: Call for Speakers

The time has passed at warp speed and MAX 2010 is closing in. It’s only natural to open the Call for Speakers. So why do you wait? Just go here and claim your spot for glory! The call for speakers will close on May 3rd.

Later Update: Almost forgot to tell you: this year my fellow evangelist Ryan Stewart is the man in charge of the content. Because he’s all smiles, please guys, submit a lot of content! Let’s give him a run for the money :) And if you want to see more topics on Flex and PHP, we definitely have the man inside :D

2 thoughts on “MAX 2010: Call for Speakers

  1. Hi Mihai,

    Thank you for getting the word out about the MAX 2010 Call for Speakers.

    Could you comment on a point on how the MAX 2010 Call for Speakers is different from the process for previous MAX conferences?

    I recall the past having not just a “Call for Speakers” but also a “Call for Topics”. Is Adobe looking only for speakers nominations this year. Meaning, is Adobe leaving the community out of the topic suggestion/selection process?

    Again, thank you for your great work.

    Best regards,


  2. Hey Greg,

    We are changing things this year. Part of the problem with a call for topics is that a lot of what we’ll be talking about at MAX this year isn’t public yet or the community doesn’t have a lot of detail on it. But we want to make sure that we don’t miss any knowledgeable speakers as part of the planning process.

    So instead we went with a call for speakers. The individual camp managers are going to be looking through the speakers and selecting ones that they think will do a good job of presenting topics.

    But there is a box on the form to suggest topics, so feel free to use that if you have an interesting topic you’d like to cover. It’s just going to be much more speaker-centric this year and less topic-centric.


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