Get up to speed with Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4

There are bunch of online resources if you want to get up to speed with Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4. And because there’s a lotthat’s new, you may want to check these resources.

First of all, if you are new to Flex, we’ve updated the Flex in a week training free online course. Or, if you are in a hurry, use this Flex Test Drive to build a Flex application in an hour. Next, you can find here more about the new features of Flash Builder 4 and here you’ll find an introduction into Flash Builder’s Data-centric development feature. The pages for Flex and ColdFusion, Flex and PHPFlex and Java, and Flex and .NET integration were updated too, so if you are using these technologies you may want to have a look.

If you want to quickly understand the Flex 4 framework here is a list of resources:

Debugging Flex and PHP projects webinar

We’ve just launched Flash Builder 4, our latest IDE for building RIAs with Flex and ActionScript. If you use PHP on the server side, you may want to join my webinar on Debugging Flex and PHP projects.

I will talk about the new features of Flash Builder 4 that can help you while debugging and I will show how you can use Flash Builder 4 with Eclipse PDT and XDebug. The webinar will be this Wednesday (March 24th), 11AM Central European Time. You can register here.

Flash Builder and Flex 4 are out

We’ve just launched Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4. In case you didn’t know, Flash Builder 4 is the new version of our IDE for Flex and ActionScript, formerly known as Flex Builder.

As a former Flex/Flash Builder engineer I will always have tears when a new version is launched. This time I think my tears are bigger because both the Flash Builder 4 and the Flex framework 4 represent huge advancements.

You can group the new features and improvements of Flash Builder 4 into three big groups:

  • increased productivity: much faster compiler (do I hear a hooray?), improved debugger, better intellisense, Flex unit testing support, network monitor, command-line build
  • data-centric development:support for ColdFusion, Java, PHP, REST, SOAP services, as well for generating the form based on value object
  • design-development workflow: Flash Catalyst – Flash Builder integration, round trip support between Flash Builder 4 and Flash Professional

You can read more about the new features here. You can grab a sixty-day evaluation copy of Flash Builder 4 from here or you can buy the product from here (it comes in two flavors Standard and Premium and it is available for Windows and Mac).

Many of the new features from Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst were possible due to the new features from the Flex 4 framework: the new component mode (Spark) which separates the business logic and data of a component from its appearance or skin, and the FXG interchange language, an XML language that is “understood” by Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder. You can read about the differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 here.

And the last news I want to share with you is about the new version of the website. Enjoy!


Air Analytics has become App Analytics

Maybe some of you have heard about Air Analytics, a project that enables you to record analytics for your AIR project. I blogged about this last year, and despite really wanting to use it myself, I never had the time to start another AIR project.

I the meantime they started to rewrite the core of the app and at the same time they changed the project name from Air Analytics to App Analytics. Although this project is still in beta I encourage you to give it a try and don’t forget to send your feedback if any!

A magical device for me: HP’s slate

When I saw the videos with HP’s upcoming slate device, and I learned that it will support Flash Player and Adobe AIR I knew this is the magical device for me and my family. The only question I have is how much it will cost.

My wife is a heavy Internet user (movies, social networks, casual games). Since we became parents she is using all these social networks even more than before:

– “Look Mihai, our friends posted a new video with their baby! Look at this video with your son playing with a bear! Isn’t he amazing?”

Well you have the picture :D. Now, most of these sites rely heavily on Flash Player. At the same time it seems the table in front of my wife is becoming smaller and smaller due to all sort of UFOs (do not mistake with alien ships, to dads these are the Unknown Funky Objects used by moms). Thus the form factor and size of this device I think it will be just perfect. Probably I could use it on vacations to save photos and videos as well.

Now, I just have to wait until it gets launched! I wonder if it will be out in time for our anniversary :)

What do you think about this device? for Android and more Mobile 1.1 for Android is out! I just installed it on my Nexus One and it looks impressive. Some of the new features: contrast and brightness tools, effects (vibrant, pop, vignette blur, warm vintage, white glow, soft black & white).

This part will probably excite the developer in you (a little bit at least :D): Mobile editor is made available to any developer who wants to embed it in its own application. Maybe you’ve create a new front-end for an online image service and the only thing missing was a way to edit the picture before uploading. Now, you have this missing link!

You can read more about using this editor in your apps here, and you can install the Mobile app from Android Market (search for or point your phone at this barcode.