White Paper: debugging Flex and PHP projects

I’ve just published a white paper on debugging Flex and PHP projects using Flash Builder 4, Eclipse PDT, and XDebug. You can read the article here.

In case you want to watch the webinar I did on the same subject today, you can go here. Thank you to all the people who joined my webinar!

PS. It seems we’ve come a long way when it comes to writing Flex applications. Out of 250+ registered people, only 60 decided to drop by. This is really good news, soon there will be no more bugs in our software :D


6 thoughts on “White Paper: debugging Flex and PHP projects

  1. Thanks for the white paper and presentation. I suspect maybe people found the time a bit confusing. When I added the event to my calendar it showed up at 13 hours long (12am to 1pm) GMT+2, being in GMT-8 I wasn’t sure what time it was actually happening and had a conflicting appointment at 12am GMT+2.

    Will definately read the paper though,

  2. Hello Mihai!

    Thanks for your paper and presentation.

    I’m facing a bit of a problem here because I need to work with accentuated characters. If I start a project on my own, I manage to put everything up’n’runnin’ as long as I don’t use characters with accents, otherwise Flash Builder asks me to use utf8_encode() on the PHP code.

    What bothers me is that you don’t use the utf8_encode() function on your project and it works with the accentuated characters (I’ve tested it).

    Have you done anything special on your project?


  3. I’m facing a strange issue here.

    When I work with the bin-debug version everything works fine, but when I try to produce a release version the application stalls when accessing the LoginService (the first one).

    Have you had any similar experience?

    Best regards,

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