Secret agencies catching up on Flash Builder 4

After we’ve launched Flash Builder 4, I received a number of strange calls. Luckily for me, I had my camera nearby and I was able to record the calls. I edited them a little bit, you don’t want to mess with the secret agencies :D. Here’s the video:

This is the catch: if you recognize who’s impersonating the American, English, and French agents, you get a Flash Builder 4 license (please don’t ask me about the Russian guy, I have a family :D). There are three guys to recognize and I’ll give away three licenses (for each correct guess you get a license; you can get only one right and you’ll get the license). Hurry up, there are only three licenses. Just drop a comment (make sure you fill in your e-mail address)! Good luck!

LATER UPDATE: There’s one more license for who’s getting right the person doing the American. I’ll give you a hint: he’s an American and he is part of the Flash Platform.

LAST UPDATE: I stopped the contest. The American is Bill Heil, platform product manager for Flash Builder, he’s overseeing server services area.

I know this one wasn’t easy at all. But then I never said it will be :D . Next time you should know better!

I did the raffle and the winner of the last license is Mr. Benz. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone for taking part and I hope you had a great time!

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