Get up to speed with Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4

There are bunch of online resources if you want to get up to speed with Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4. And because there’s a lotthat’s new, you may want to check these resources.

First of all, if you are new to Flex, we’ve updated the Flex in a week training free online course. Or, if you are in a hurry, use this Flex Test Drive to build a Flex application in an hour. Next, you can find here more about the new features of Flash Builder 4 and here you’ll find an introduction into Flash Builder’s Data-centric development feature. The pages for Flex and ColdFusion, Flex and PHPFlex and Java, and Flex and .NET integration were updated too, so if you are using these technologies you may want to have a look.

If you want to quickly understand the Flex 4 framework here is a list of resources:

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