Flash Builder and Flex 4 are out

We’ve just launched Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4. In case you didn’t know, Flash Builder 4 is the new version of our IDE for Flex and ActionScript, formerly known as Flex Builder.

As a former Flex/Flash Builder engineer I will always have tears when a new version is launched. This time I think my tears are bigger because both the Flash Builder 4 and the Flex framework 4 represent huge advancements.

You can group the new features and improvements of Flash Builder 4 into three big groups:

  • increased productivity: much faster compiler (do I hear a hooray?), improved debugger, better intellisense, Flex unit testing support, network monitor, command-line build
  • data-centric development:support for ColdFusion, Java, PHP, REST, SOAP services, as well for generating the form based on value object
  • design-development workflow: Flash Catalyst – Flash Builder integration, round trip support between Flash Builder 4 and Flash Professional

You can read more about the new features here. You can grab a sixty-day evaluation copy of Flash Builder 4 from here or you can buy the product from here (it comes in two flavors Standard and Premium and it is available for Windows and Mac).

Many of the new features from Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst were possible due to the new features from the Flex 4 framework: the new component mode (Spark) which separates the business logic and data of a component from its appearance or skin, and the FXG interchange language, an XML language that is “understood” by Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder. You can read about the differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 here.

And the last news I want to share with you is about the new version of the Flex.org website. Enjoy!


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  1. As I said within the post, I will announce the winners at the end of March :)

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