Air Analytics has become App Analytics

Maybe some of you have heard about Air Analytics, a project that enables you to record analytics for your AIR project. I blogged about this last year, and despite really wanting to use it myself, I never had the time to start another AIR project.

I the meantime they started to rewrite the core of the app and at the same time they changed the project name from Air Analytics to App Analytics. Although this project is still in beta I encourage you to give it a try and don’t forget to send your feedback if any!

3 thoughts on “Air Analytics has become App Analytics

  1. Hi Mihai, thanks for the post.

    I thought your readers maybe interested the fact that we have recently release a host of new features that makes App Analytics more relevant and customizable.

    We are still in beta but App Analytics is currently being used in many commercial apps with little or no problems. And best of all at the moment we are completely free to use.

    Thanks Paul

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