for Android and more Mobile 1.1 for Android is out! I just installed it on my Nexus One and it looks impressive. Some of the new features: contrast and brightness tools, effects (vibrant, pop, vignette blur, warm vintage, white glow, soft black & white).

This part will probably excite the developer in you (a little bit at least :D): Mobile editor is made available to any developer who wants to embed it in its own application. Maybe you’ve create a new front-end for an online image service and the only thing missing was a way to edit the picture before uploading. Now, you have this missing link!

You can read more about using this editor in your apps here, and you can install the Mobile app from Android Market (search for or point your phone at this barcode.

3 thoughts on “ for Android and more

  1. It’s the latest technology.
    Its new features seem great!
    Is it difficult to use?
    You’ve already installed it.
    Congratulations… You lucky donkey!

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