Google, Flash, and devices

Yesterday, during the Mobile World Congress keynote, Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) announced Google’s support for the Flash Platform. They see this as a competitive advantage over certain smartphones on the market.

At about 60,000 Android handsets sold each day, you can see how this newcomer is starting to become a force in the mobile ecosystem. And having support for the Flash Platform means business opportunities for many web developers out there.

Mobiles definitely are hot these days. I think the new kid on the block would be the new generation of tablet PCs. And as usual, the coolness is not in the piece of silicon and iron itself, it’s all about how the whole will work: software and hardware together providing immersive experiences. Take for example what the Adobe XD department together with WIRED magazine created using Adobe AIR. This is a glimpse into how future print media could look and be consumed on connected devices. You can watch the video here.


9 thoughts on “Google, Flash, and devices

  1. I think the wording was 60,000 “shipped” not “sold”. “shipped” is sort of vague. While I love Android, I don’t know what “shipped” really means (e.g. to just the carriers?)

  2. Being the competitiveness of the markets today, you can’t blame Google for trying to expand its business into other markets. Search has taken Google to the level they’re at today, but what will keep them there tomorrow is what they’re trying to figure out. Kudos to Google!!

  3. Yeah, seems like a bunch of people said flash was dying, but its not. Its maybe going away, but it won’t be gone forever. It will still play some part 5 years down the road, maybe 10!

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