AIR 2 Beta 2 is out

We are a step closer to the final release of AIR 2 with the release of Beta 2. You can download the new bits from here.

Some of the new features are:

  • Enhanced Printer Interaction. New printing support allows finer control of the way content is printed from an AIR application, including the choice of printer, paper size, and number of copies. The new API allows developer to check for printable area, whether the printer support colors, or if the print job is active.
  • Support for TLS/SSL socket communication. You can connect to a server that requires TLSv1 or SSLv3 for socket communication.
  • IME API and IME Text Input Enhancement. There are several new features added in this release to support better text input handling with IME software. The new API enhancements are designed for use with the new Flash Text Engine (FTE).

If you use the Update Framework, please keep in mind that there are two UI versions: one uses Flex 4 (frameworks/libs/air/applicationupdater_ui.swc) and the other Flex 3 (frameworks/libs/air/flex3/applicationupdater_ui3.swc).

You can not run the Beta 1 applications with this version. You need to update the application descriptor file to “2.0beta2”. All the sample applications we provided with the first Beta were updated so you can download them and run them with Beta 2.

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