Building a Drupal module with Flex: Fx Gallery

Maybe your PHP is good, as good as Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu. Maybe your Flex skills are excellent or perhaps you are a beginner. Either way, you may be wondering what you can do with PHP and Flex. Well, don’t wonder anymore! Just come to my webinar and bring your friends with you.

This Friday (February 5th) I will do a webinar about Fx Gallery. What is Fx Gallery? It is a Drupal module for displaying images. The idea behind this project is pretty simple: there are many popular PHP projects (CMS, blog and forum platforms, electronic shops and so on) and probably for any one you could create a new module/plug-in that uses the expressiveness of Flex to bring more value for its users.

I developed this module together with my friends from Fx{r}, Stelian and Andrei. This gallery displays pictures from Flickr, Picasa, and Drupal installations. It was built using the Flex 4 framework, and a little help from Flash Catalyst. At the time of this writing we are cleaning up the code in order to make it available as an open source project. Thus anyone will be able to see how it was made or extend the module by adding new features.

At the webinar you can see the module in action, learn about its architecture, and hear how it was made.

The event is free, though you have to register here.


9 thoughts on “Building a Drupal module with Flex: Fx Gallery

  1. Salut Mihai,

    Suna foarte interesant webinarul tau, chiar si pentru un profan ca mine. Voiam sa te intreb daca ai aflat de DrupalCamp Romania 2010 care va avea loc in 5-6 iunie la Timisoara si la care Incubatorul este partener in organizare.

    Voiam sa te intreb daca ai fi dispus sa prezinti ceva (de genul temei pe care o abordezi vineri) in vara la Timisoara? Crezi ca ar fi oportuna si o abordare institutionala a Adobe Romania pentru sprijinirea evenimentului?

    Multam si succese!


  2. @all I apologize for responding in Romanian. The question is about a Drupal event in Romania this summer, and if I would be interested in presenting at. Of course, I want to :)

    @Radu Ticiu

    Cu bucurie vin sa prezint despre Flex si Drupal. Nu stiam de eveniment, asa ca daca poti sa imi dai un mail cu detalii ar fi super.

    In legatura cu sprijinirea evenimentului, poate imi zici in acelasi email care ar fi optiunile sa vad ce putem face.

    multumesc mult!

  3. I missed the webinar but Im interest in having a look at what you developed using flex and drupal, when are you planning on releasing the module

  4. @jon @Andrew

    I will do this webinar again on March 10th, just register using the widget on the left sidebar. This time I will post the source code and the plugin.

  5. The article, the Webseminar, as well as the code for Fx Gallery are missing.
    Could you please re-upload it again?

  6. Michael get my email address from about page and send me an email so we can follow up on this. Thank you!

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