WorkflowLab Beta is out

Last week we launched WorkflowLab Beta. This AIR application can help you to learn about workflows used by designers, developers, and program managers to create applications. You can build your own workflows and you can share them with others.

These are the new features:

  • Custom Tool Support: Author workflows using customized tools from a selection of types including applications, frameworks, libraries, services, vendors, people or resources
  • Categories: Classify workflow tasks or activities using color coded customizable categories
  • Duration Grid: Overlay tasks on a customizable duration grid to add temporal context to workflows
  • Completion Status: Monitor and track your workflow progress by applying completion statuses to your workflow tasks
  • Rich Text Editing: Enhance your workflow task annotations with rich text editing capabilities and inline web links
  • Command Bar: Improve your efficiency in creating workflows using the new command bar for point and click authoring capabilities
  • Associated Link: Associate web links with workflow tasks for additional task background or to associate with related content on the Internet or internal networks
  • Search for Tool: Search within the Adobe tool list for fast selection of related tools to associate to tasks
  • Updated Workflow Starting Points: Revised workflow starting points that take advantage of new Beta features
  • Status Bar: Get additional feedback within the application through the new status bar
  • Collapsible Details Panel: Maximize your workflow authoring workspace by hiding the detail panel.
  • Duplicate Task: Quickly take an existing task and duplicate its associated tools, categories and annotation to speed up task authoring

The application was built using Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder 4, and Flex.

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  1. reyco1, you may have AIR 1.5.2 or earlier installed, works ok with latest AIR (1.5.3).

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