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The latest issue of the Edge newsletter has a bunch of interesting articles (Data-centric development in Adobe Flash Builder 4, Object relational mapping for the Adobe AIR developer, An easy way to bring 3D content into your Adobe Flash projects). But the one that caught my attention was The edge of Flash by Rob Ford. Rob presents seven Flash projects ranging from personal sites to corporate sites. All these sites are great examples of what a talented designer/developer can achieve today using the Adobe Flash Platform. Out of these seven projects, the closest to my heart was one called Machinarium. It is an adventure game and it is so beautifully crafted that my wife couldn’t resist and made me buy the game as a small Christmas gift. For me it was an excuse to remember the Monkey Island 1 days. The scenes are designed with attention to detail, and it feels almost like a Japanese anime (Tekkon Kinkreet ;) ). If adventure games are your thing and you want to kill some time then I recommend this little gem. The game is created by a Czech company.


InfoDome is a browser based online database solution. You can create a database visually from scratch or you can import an existing one. You can build reports and share live data with remote users. You can integrate the reports and forms with your website. Almost forgot to tell you, the front-end is created with Flex.


Express is an Agile project management tool built with Flex, BlazeDS, and Spring. It includes features such as backlog management, iteration management, and a virtual wall. It is built by some smart Aussies.


Air Analytics is a complete analytics solution for Adobe AIR applications. It works online/offline and it is very easy to integrate with your application. You can use the application to track custom numbers and types, OSes, error, app installs,  usage and more. At this is time it is still in beta but it looks promising (on November 5th they reached 1 million items tracked). I think I’m gonna try it myself on my next AIR project.


OpenZoom offers an SDK for the Flash Platform that enables you to create Zoomable User Interfaces by using high resolution bitmaps. You can use this framework for demos, introductions, presentations and more.




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  1. This post made my day! I had a feeling that the year has been off to a slow start, and this post just proved me wrong! Lots of exiting stuff to play around with again! Thank you for the heads up!

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