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Another year of evangelism has almost passed. I spent some time looking back these past days and I have to say it was a hell of a year! Of course, it was a lot of work. One day out of four or five I was on the road, sixteen times during weekends. I spoke to almost 3,000 people. With some of these people, I think I became more than acquaintances. If I have to pick only two favorite events,  they would be China and Israel. I had such great events and met amazing people over there!

But leaving out the events from Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Romania or US wouldn’t be fair. Some of these events were driven by the PHP community (The Hague, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, London, Cluj, Copenhagen) others by Adobe User Groups (Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Milan, Zagreb, Bucharest, Gdansk, Craiova, Timisoara, Lisbon, Iasi). Being among passionate people about technology who are so open minded is very refreshing.

As I said, being again amongst the PHP community is great. I truly value opportunities to talk with our community. And not because it is easier because they know the Flash Platform, but because of the quality of feedback they provide us. Some times it is harsh, but not any bit less helpful. Let me tell you a true story from the advertising industry to better illustrate my point. In the ‘90s, a sweets factory invented a process that enabled them to apply a thicker chocolate coating on the biscuits. The factory representative met his account manager from the advertising agency. And he starts talking about this new technology and how great it is, being unique in the whole world. After 20-30 minutes of peroration, the advertising guy interrupts his client quite bluntly saying: “All this is very interesting, but in the end it’s just a ***** biscuit!”.

Sometimes we think that this or that is a mind-blowing feature. And you, the community, help us to recalibrate our view and better understand what is important and what you really want. Nevertheless, I think our job of telling the Flash Platform story to the world has become increasingly easier. All the work done around the Flex Framework, the new tools, Flash Catalyst and workflows (designer-developer, Flash apps for iPhone) are some of the changes to account for this. Probably the biggest selling point is that the Flash Platform bridges the gap between different screen sizes/devices/OSes (Flash Player 10.1).

I want to thank you for attending my events or helping me with them, and for reading my blog. And I wish you happy holidays and may the next year be greater than this one!

9 thoughts on “Proof of life

  1. I follow your blog since the beginning of Apollo project. Those days I was into PHP and this was the place where I have found answers to my questions.
    Congratulations, I think you did a great job as evangelist and developer as well.

    Happy holidays!

    P.S.: what about next year? we can see that flag on South America, Australia or maybe Africa? ;))

  2. @kenshin

    Thanks mate! Next year, most likely it will be still Europe, China, and US. But who knows…it would be nice South America, Australia, or Japan.

  3. More than evangelizing a product, a brand, you managed to evangelize trust in your words.

    May 2010 be even a greater year. Cheers mate!

  4. Mihai, thank for the excellent job you do, and also for the great online trips into technology – your blog really halps me in a lot of Adobe related topics, the most recent thing I remember is an articles on TLF.

    Wish you to be powerful, happy and the one, who has a lot of time for rest – you really worth it.


  5. That’s quite an itinerary for twelve months. I’m not sure what’s more impressive –your travel schedule or the fact that you remember when and where the events took place. ;p

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