Why Flash: Interview with Mindomo.com

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Zoltán Lörincz, the guy behind Mindomo.com. Mindomo.com is one of the coolest mind mapping apps out there and it happens to be a Flex application.

I met Zoltán in 2007 when we talked about Flex Builder 2 and what they want to see in Flex Builder 3. At that time Mindomo.com was already in the market, and we knew that we could get a lot of valuable feedback about Flex and Flex Builder from someone who created such a complex app. Since that time they added many new features were added and created a desktop version using AIR. Another interesting feature of their application is the toolbar itself. They implemented probably the only Microsoft Ribbon in Flex out there.

In this interview you can find a short story about the birth of Mindomo.com, and you can learn some of the key features of this application.

I apologize for the image/sound quality. I did this interview remotely and the sound was recorded from the phones.


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