First iPhone app built in the pre-release program is out

On December 11th, the “Boost your Brain” iPhone application became available on iTunes. This is the first application created in the pre-release program for Flash Professional CS5 that was accepted on iTunes. The creator of this game is Francis Bourre. You can find the application here.



6 thoughts on “First iPhone app built in the pre-release program is out

  1. @Quentin

    Those apps were submitted before the pre-release program and MAX LA.


    I can’t tell you the exact date guys, but it will be available soon :)

  2. WOW.. This is pretty cool..
    So the binary conversion of the Flash App to iPhone app is done..

    Awaiting for Flash CS5 to play.. :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful info.

    Looking for more cool info Corlan.

  3. Thanks for sharing information on this game. Even though complex games are now available I like these types of simple games.

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