We just launched a new version of our online solution for office applications. There is a text editor (Buzzword), a spreadsheet editor (Tables), a presentation tool (Presentation), and a web conference tool (Meetings with screen sharing, voice and video). And because this is hosted in the Cloud, you can uset it wherever you have a web browser and Flash Player, you can upload files to your account and share them with other users, you can work on the same document at the same time (text documents, spreadsheets), and you can create PDF files from the documents you create using this suite, or from documents from your computer.

acrobat1 is offered as a free product and premium one. Some of the differences between them are related to how many people can connect to your meeting room or how many PDF files you can create. But believe me, even the free version offers a lot of functionality. I’ve been using this suite for the past year and I’m quite happy.



There is an AIR application that enables “dragging and dropping files and folders from your local computer directly into your account, and browsing, previewing, sharing or publishing files easily from your computer”.

If you have a BlackBerry or an iPhone you can try the mobile application. Using this app you can view or fax documents from your account, and you can upload document images from your phone and have them automatically stored as a PDF (OCR is performed).

And finally if you run on Windows, you can install the Outlook add-in. When you want to send a document to others, you can have the document uploaded to your account instead of loading your mail server with this task. Or you can invite people to your meeting room right from Outlook.

Try it and don’t forget to drop a comment!

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  1. very good, but it’s can be support Chinese when you convert to pdf.

    I think this is very important for this platform. :-)

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