Cool 3D Game created in Flash made in Japan

My fellow Japanese evangelist, Teiichi Ota, showed us a cool Flash 3D game made in Japan. You can actually try it for yourself despite having the instructions in Japanese. Here is how to play the game (click here to open the game):

1) You get presented with 10 questions. You’re supposed to click on one of the three circles. Just click them randomly.
2) After the 10 questions you get to name your robot using 3 letters. This is easy.
3) Now you have a robot, with all the custom parameters automatically set.
4) You are presented with 3 buttons:

[Random Match]      [Search for Opponent from the Ranking List]
[Challenge the Boss (very strong)]

5) Click whatever button you want.
6) The fight starts. You get to click 3 buttons each once in the battle. Each button represents a special move or weapon.



The image quality is excellent, the design is very clean, and I have to say I’m really impressed by this game. Behind this application, there are IMG SRC/Non-Grid, Kaibutsu, and Masayuki Kido (he’s the one who created the 3D library used by this game).

Not so long ago, Mariko Nishimura (Field Marketing Manager with Adobe Japan) posted a series of articles (Community Power at Adobe MAX and What’s going on now in the Japanese Flash world) that shed light on the Japanese Flash developers. I think their work and especially the quality of their projects may be a surprise for many of us.

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