Article about Flash Catalyst in Dutch Magazine

If you are a designer or you just want to learn how to use Flash Catalyst you may want to check the latest issue of the Dutch Magazine Web Designer. I wrote an article for this issue demonstrating the workflow between Adobe Illustrator, Flash Catalyst, and Flash Builder. Although by the time the article got published, Flash Catalyst Beta 2 was already out (in my article I used Beta 1), I still think it is worth the read especially for someone who’s new to this tool. Almost forgot you have to know Dutch to read the article :D.


2 thoughts on “Article about Flash Catalyst in Dutch Magazine

  1. hi thanks for this info. I am now at that page you recommended. Wow ! look great. I am not a web designer but I do use illustrator, fireworks and dreamweaver to design my own website and I know this link you just mentioned is gonna help me a lot. Tks again

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