CoCoMo pricing

This is way too cool to let the news out only on Tom Krcha website! If you are one of those who were excited by CoCoMo but didn’t try for a live project because it was in beta and you didn’t know how much it would cost, now it is the time to try. Without further ado, here are the prices for Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service (this is the name of the services known as CoCoMo):

  1. Live Stream Bandwidth ($0.49 per GB)
  2. Push Messages ($0.10 per 1,000 messages) – count messages sent in to LCCS
  3. User Minutes ($0.01 per Hour) – time clients spend connected to LCCS

There will be a free quota available for those who are just testing or don’t use too much ($15US for a month of usage).

Tom promised that he will build an application to gauge how much it actually cost to use this service. Read Tom’s post for more details and some calculations on how much you can use for the free quota option.

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