Going to MAX LA 2009

Tomorrow I’m gonna fly out to Adobe MAX Los Angeles 2009. This will be the fourth MAX for me. And I have to say that it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve attended before, because somehow it is always at least as exciting as the first time. Maybe even more now than before, because I know more people and MAX is also about meeting old friends and making new ones.


Having said that, let’s talk about my MAX. I will do a lab together with Cornel Creanga and Miti Pricope (BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services in the Cloud; btw there is still room for my lab if you are interested), I will be TA for another two labs (Creating custom components in Flex 4 and Building Media Experiences in Flex with Open Source Media Framework ), you can meet me at the Ask the Evangelist area (Tuesday noon) and Platform Demo Station 2 (Monday noon).

Between my duties I hope to have the time to see the keynotes, sessions on Flex frameworks and Adobe AIR. And of course, to talk with you!

If you can’t be there, then you can watch the event online. For the first time you’ll be able to see the keynotes and the most interesting news online using MAX Online (October 5th and 6th). You can join ten minutes earlier and watch the behind the scenes action. Besides these live streaming keynotes you’ll be able to see the top three session of the day from each track (Design, Develop, and Envision) using on demand video. Starting with October 11th you’ll be able to see all the sessions on demand but Labs and BYOL.


Don’t forget about Twitter. You can follow @Adobe and @AdobeMAX to see the breaking news and community insight (use #AdobeMAX tag if you twitter about MAX). I will twitter (@mcorlan) and blog as often as possible to cover the event.

I wish you an amazing MAX!

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