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As I enter the last 100 meters of preparations for my China trip, I have hat to postpone some of the geekier articles I wanted to write. But I still have time to write about some interesting news from the online video space.

Last week, on Adobe Labs, Adobe Story was launched. This is a preview for a product that you can use together with future versions of Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium for the pre-production phase of a planning-to-playback workflow. You can use the product to create the scripts anywhere and anytime using an online and offline environment; you can import existing scripts into Adobe Story; and you can work on multiple projects. Furthermore, Adobe Story will integrate the script information into the metadata of your end product. For example, it will be possible to search in a video for the scene in which the phrase “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” is used.


Another interesting project is the next version of the Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server. If you don’t like the name, then you’ll be happy to hear that the name was changed to Adobe Flash Access, and the product will be available in the first half of 2010 under the name Adobe Flash Access 2.0.

The main features revolve around “robust protection for premium content” and “ease of deployment and integration”. The content will be protected against tampering or capture, and it will be possible to bind the content to an individual device, or to a domain (such as a household).

It will be available both as a box and as Software as a Service through a number of partners. Thus, you’ll be able buy a hosted solution for delivering protected video. The protected content will be played using future versions of Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Flash Access 2.0 supports MPEG 4 (H.264) and FLV content.

You can read more about Flash Access 2.0 here.

Finally, another company switched from Microsoft Silverlight to Adobe Flash Player for delivering its content on the web: ITV. ITV owns the largest commercial television service in the UK (in terms of audience share and revenue). Andrew Shorten has a post about this.

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