Book on Flex 4

I have to say that I love books, actually I love reading books. Although, lately, I find less and less time for reading literature, I still have fun reading a good technical or business book. For those of you who have the same passion, here comes a title: Hello!Flex 4 by Peter Armstrong (and as Flex 4 is closing in fast you have an additional incentive). I think this is one of the first books on Flex 4, and although it isn’t published yet, you can have early access to the book. This enables you to read the chapters as they are written and provide feedback to the author.

Here you can find info about the book.

One thought on “Book on Flex 4

  1. The books are really cheap with two packages. I could purchase the 2nd package for only $34.99 with e-book included. It is a good book with 225 pages I think, which is more on technical and business related. Thanks for sharing this book to us.


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