Flex for PHP developers article

Finally, I managed to finish an article that introduces Flex to PHP developers comparing features from both worlds (when it makes sense). I’ve been working on this subject from the beginning of this year. Thus I am so happy that I feel I should go out and smoke a fine Cuban cigar :)

While working on this article I realized two things:

  1. Writing books it is not easy. My work doesn’t compare with a book at all, but still the amount of work was huge. Now, I have an idea about what it means to work on a book.
  2. Learning a client-side technology coming from the server-side world will never be an easy and straightforward task. You have to adapt to a new world and adopt a different mindset. But then again, with big efforts usually come big rewards! And from my experience, when I learn something new I can always apply some of this knowledge to the concepts I’ve already known.

Enjoy the article and let me know what do you think!

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