Cairngorm Plug-in for Flex Builder 3

This is hardly a novelty (it was released on November 2008), but I am not sure how many people actually know about this plug-in. So, I thought I’d tell you about it. It is a plug-in for Flex Builder 3 (it is open source, and you can actually contribute to the code if you have the time and skills) that helps you to increase your productivity while working with Cairngorm. It offers two wizards for creating a Cairngorm Command or Cairngorm Controller.




Some people complain that when you work with an MVC pattern such as Cairngorm, you have to write a lot of extra/glue code. Well, using this plug-in you can streamline this a bit. You can find more about it (installation, documentation) here.

6 thoughts on “Cairngorm Plug-in for Flex Builder 3

  1. @Yogesh

    I think there isn’t anything for PureMVC. But as the code for the Cairgorn is open, maybe some people could work to create one for PureMVC too :)

    Anyway that’s my hope!

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  3. Couldn’t get this working in either eclipse with the flex builder plugin nor Flex Builder

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