Adobe Wave is available on Labs

At last year’s MAX we announced a new project, code name Adobe Wave (more about what Wave is here). Now, Adobe Wave is available on Labs.


You can install it from here (the desktop client that displays the notifications is an AIR application),  if you want to sign up for a free publisher account click here (as a publisher you can add your own feed of notifications, and users can choose to subscribe to it). And if you are curious about what is behind it all, you can check this page.

If you choose to install the application, you’ll notice that there are not so many publishers for now. I hope this will change soon, ‘cause I have some perfect candidates to make my life easier :) Among the existent publishers are Myspace, Variety, digg, Livestation,, VentureBeat.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Wave is available on Labs

  1. Installed. UI design is nice. “ON/OFF” button is especuially cool because is easily visible.

    Feature requests:
    – I’d like to set my own sound for notifications (we, users, love to select ringtones :) )
    – A thumbnails of 4-5 popular publishers will be good if there are free space in the Wave UI of the new Wave users.

    But wait, I maybe must have been writing it on the Wave forums. I’m going there :)

    Added DIGG, Venture Beat, LiveStation… let’s see what will happen in Wave!

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