It’s hot, open up a little bit!

We’ve just announced two new open source projects at Adobe: Open Source Media Framework and Text Layout Framework.

Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), previously known as Strobe, is a an open framework for building media players for the Flash Platform. Out of the box, as a developer, you get rich features to quickly build robust players with lots of features. At the same time, there is an API that enables partners to build plug-ins for this framework, thus extending the features and adding more value. The source code and pluggable components are available under Mozilla Public License. We believe that this is an important step for creating an open industry standard for media player development.


Text Layout Framework (TLF) is the second project that is now open source. I think this is very exciting for a lot of developers. When I wrote a post explaining what Text Layout Framework is and how you can use it with Flex 3.2 (in Flex 4 it is part of the framework), many people asked me about our plans for opening up the library. Well, people it is ooooooooooooopen now!

For those who may not know why this is important, let me give you two hints. First, take a look at how the layout and text is managed in the Times Reader AIR application (don’t forget to try the print option for any article; I double dare you to get this printing quality out of a HTML page). This layout was made possible by the TLF library.

Second, TLF is library built on top of the Flash Text Engine (introduced by Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5) that makes text a first class citizen in the Flash Platform, bringing all the experience Adobe has in typography into the RIA realm.


5 thoughts on “It’s hot, open up a little bit!

  1. Great news!
    Looking on these two new and shiny opensource things, I can’t decide which one I want to try first.

    I guess this will be TLF. It’s my time to do advanced text layout in Flash!

  2. @Adrian Pirvulescu

    Man you have to let me know when you guys implement the first project using it :)

    Maybe we shoot an interview. Can’t wait!

  3. @Rotislav Siryk

    My friend I see what you mean :D
    Actually with Times Reader is more about a general algorithm for changing the layout of the page than only specific features of TLF. In other words, TLF have made that possible, but is more in that than the plain features of TLF :)

    However is interesting think.

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