New Articles on Adobe Developer Connection

There are new articles available on Adobe Developer Connection, and, as you might expect, some of them are related to the Beta launch products and framework:

But there are some articles discussing Tour de Flex AIR application:

And there is a good article on Flash Media Server 3.5 and large-scale streaming.


One thought on “New Articles on Adobe Developer Connection

  1. Mihai,
    This isn’t a comment to a post.

    For your consideration:

    It’s an AFCS Whiteboard like you haven’t seen.
    It has:
    1. Any UIComponent(s) can be added to the whiteboard
    a. Canvas
    b. Panel
    c. Flv player
    d. Tab Navigator
    e. Slider
    f. … any

    2. UIComponents can be drug onto the whiteboard form ‘user’ space (and visa versa);

    3. UIComponents can be nested in this process.
    a. Drag and drop a TabNavigator (with plank panels);
    b. Navigate to a panel
    c. drop any item from (1) , rinse and repeat

    4. Multiple Whiteboads.

    The result is that AFCS white boards can become:

    1. Organized with out penalty.
    2. Allowed to become very, very deep without being crowded or complicated (with good usability/design of course)
    3. Become multi-session /multi audience ( you can imagine a back-stage area(s) and an onstage area(s))
    4. Imagine the Aviary tools or photoshop express in a whiteboard. Entirely possible now.

    It’s *total* nonsense that Google should be cornering the collaboration buzz. I’d like to have a Collaboration Smack Down.

    I’ve reached out to Fang & Nigel at AFCS with my development. And there maybe some collaboration there, but I want to cast a wider net within Adobe. I’ve got a number of ideas which would make great research vehicles, developments and product. That’s why I’m reaching out to you and other Adobe luminaries.

    Arnie Widdowon

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