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As you probably know, we launched the first public betas for Flash Builder 4, Flash Catalyst, and Flex SDK 4 in June 2009. And we had about 100 events across the world, events that were driven by the communities (Adobe User Groups). I had the pleasure to present at four events: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bucharest, Romania; Zagreb, Croatia; and Pavia, Italy.

I think all the events went great, and personally I had great fun doing the presentations and talking with the people afterwards. But, from my point of view the Adobe User Group from Netherlands deserves a special mention. Somehow the Netherlands, of all the events I’ve attended so far, has something special that is hard to find in other places. And I am not talking only about the Adobe User Groups events, I found that this is true also for events organized by the PHP community for example.

The location was extraordinary, the audience was big (more than 200 people) and very eager to ask questions, and there was good food and cold beverages, including after hours beer. I can’t stop thinking how it would be to have a MAX event in Amsterdam :)

The organizers taped the event. So, in case there wasn’t a Tour event near you, you can see here the presentations Christoph Rooms and I gave on Flash Catalyst, Flex SDK 4, and Flash Builder 4.

4 thoughts on “Adobe User Group Tour

  1. I would like to know why adobe dont look for new audience and customers in latin america?

    For example i’m from Chile an here the software development is growing and i think a lot of people will be interest in know new products and other ways to develop application easily and more rich.

    Good post, i would like to attend to one of the adobe conferences.

  2. @Gerardo

    I think we are looking for the developers from South America. For example, Ben Forta was in Brasil recently.

    Do you have an Adobe User Group in Chile, and in your town? If so, are you interested in attending online events on Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4? Drop me an email if you like this idea.

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