Want to influence the pricing of AFCS (formerly known as COCOMO)?

I know at least some of you expressed your interest in using AFCS in production projects. And you asked me about the pricing model and the availability of the final version.

We’ve heard you, and actually you have a way to influence the final price by completing this survey.  This also means we are one step closer to the release date.

2 thoughts on “Want to influence the pricing of AFCS (formerly known as COCOMO)?

  1. Hi Mirhai,
    I started filling this out, but it was too much to read and the questions were really poorly formulated so I gave up. Take this question:

    “What is the maximum monthly budget you would allocate to use the features enabled by the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service?”

    Isn’t it obvious that I wouldn’t like to pay anything unless I had a customer? Even if I had a customer – my cost should be deponent on how much that client are using the service, and not a monthly fee. Client size matters a lot, so I’d have to see all costs in relation to that.

    The client would of course also like to know the costs and weigh them against the advantages of the service. These forms were quite complex with 4 different factors (minimum) affecting the pricing. I just don’t think that’ll cut it. Keep in mind that the alternative is to set up your own FMS. The cost for that would be license, bandwidth, hardware and maintenance.

    If AFCS can solve that as well as scaling at a good price, it’s worth the cost. If it costs the same as the bandwidth would cost me (with a small premium) I’d be very interested.


    PS: Love the fact that Screen Sharing is in!

  2. @Jensa

    Hi again! Thanks a lot for letting me know. I will pass your feedback to the AFCS guys :)

    Need to tell them to buy you a beer or two…

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