Webinale Berlin 2009

At the end of May, I had the pleasure of attending the Webinale 2009 conference in Berlin, and presenting two sessions on AIR and Flex. Because Adobe also had a booth, I hung around the sponsors area quite a bit, and I found some interesting projects that were worth shooting a video.

In the first video you can see some iPhone apps that use Augmented Reality created by Metaio (http://www.metaio.com). Next year we’ll have Flash Player 10 on mobile; maybe we’ll see more examples with FLAR Tool Kit and Flash Player :)

The second video presents a project from CSCM (a research group at Bundenswher University of Munich). They said that basically you can call it “Community Wall”. The idea is you can have this system installed, for example, at a conference. And people can use it to find other people that are attending the same conference and are in the same room. You can select the people you want to talk with by looking at their interests, profession, and so on. It looks cool, and I for one,  would love to have this system at conferences. Interestingly, the project was created in Java. I think they worked hard to make it to look so good. I had a chat with one of their engineers, and maybe they will try to use Adobe AIR for the client. I really think this could be a perfect match.

3 thoughts on “Webinale Berlin 2009

  1. Actually, what’s the story of FLAR Tool Kit?
    I would like to know something more than ‘FLARToolKit is AS3 version of ARToolKit’ (I mean a full article or description :D , if any). Can you help, please? :)

    P.S. quite funny the first video, please share more next time :) .

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