The coolest Adobe User Group Poster

You can see below the poster for the Transylvania Flex Group event (it will be on June 6th, in Cluj, Romania). I think this is the coolest poster I ever saw :).

As a matter of fact, I challenge you to send me Adobe User Groups logos/posters, if you think they are better than this one.


PS. I am sad I will not be able to attend this event. My fellow evangelist, Cornel, will be there. But I am happy, because the guys from Transylvania Flex UG promised me that they will send me a T-shirt with their logo.

15 thoughts on “The coolest Adobe User Group Poster

  1. @Claudiu Ursica

    Knowing Cornel, this could be true. although I think he is to lazy to try to sell it on ebay…maybe if it would be something easier :D

  2. @Nick Kwiatkowski

    Actually it looks very cool.well I am an european and I’m in love with F1 :D

  3. You should have taken one from Adobe Usergroup the Netherlands ;) They are so much better ;D

  4. @Dee Sadler

    Man, this is so cool. If I come to your group to present, can I have a T-shirt with my face? :D

  5. @Mihai Ben is pretty special. I did the shirt as a favor for another group. We are working on our own for the event. We aren’t special enough to get Ben, but we like Kevin Hoyt anyway. ;) If you come present, I’ll make you a tee shirt. ;)

  6. @Dee Sadler

    Thank you! Kevin is great too, so you’ll have a great event.

  7. You know, this is the way we summit all the flex developers down here in Transylvania. We light up the UG logo on the sky and eveybody flyes over to the central cave (a basement bar) :)

  8. Thanks for spreading the word. Duane Nickull posted it on his blog as well .

    The T-shirt was sent, but Cornel has some time until Tuesday to get a good price on Ebay :)

    PS We’ll forgive your absence if you promise to visit us soon :)

  9. @George

    Guys, I’ve seen the pictures! Such a pity that I couldn’t be there! Until the next time, keep up the good work :)

    PS. I will speak at the Bucharest event, next week on June 10th :D

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