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  1. Hello,

    Being a designer , but also very interested in flex action script and air, i attended the yesterday conference and fount it useful.
    However i hope that in the next boot camps you can target a topic that is most interesting for me is application skinning. In other words what can and can’t be done in flex from user interface point of view.

    Tanks and keep up the good work.
    P.S. : daca mai posterele alea da-le incoace :)) Eu de abia ieri am vazut postul de pe myadobe.

  2. Of course I want to do it again. Unfortunately I got held up at the last moment and couldn’t make it to this event, but I will do my best to get to the next one, wherever that will be.

  3. То что бредомысли это точно :)
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать :)

  4. Hi,

    I am interested in developing an application similar to the one found at http://coenraets.org/blog/2008/04/yahoo-maps-collaboration-using-flex-and-blazeds/, but in AIR. I understood the configurations made for BlazeDS to work, but, since AIR doesn’t support running the same application more than once at a time, how should I change the configuration to make it work? I am referring to the dialog which appears in Flex Builder for configuring the server.. I want to change the path for BlazeDS from “C:\BlazeDS…etc” to “172.xx.xx.xx\BlazeDS\..etc” to allow my app installed on multiple stations to connect to the server. Does it work?

    Thanks and sorry for this long comment.

  5. I still havent found time to spend on the new AIR program. Perhaps some time may free up next month and permit me to travel to the next training course.

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  7. Thanks for the information. I’d be viewing the video anytime soon and I’d sure hope it would help me a lot.

  8. Thanks for the information. I’d be viewing the video anytime soon and I’d sure hope it would help me a lot and I would be able to use it with my Adobe.

  9. Adobe plays an important role, admit it plays an important role to some of the functions of your system, you won’t be able to open some files without it.

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