Win a Flex Builder 3 license

On Tuesday May 19th, we’ll have the Adobe Developer Day event. I will bring with me 5 posters (APIs for Flash/Flex) to give away. If you manage to hang two sheets in a pub, you’ll win a Flex Builder 3 license. Hurry up, because only two people will be the lucky ones.

UPDATE: We have the two winners. Because I’ve seen such an enthusiasm, there will be a third winner. So hurry up to catch last license.

2 thoughts on “Win a Flex Builder 3 license

  1. First of all, congratulations for the event!

    Since know, I have been impressed only by Adobe’s products. But yesterday I found out what amazing people and, even more, what an amazing team is behind the products. I’ll be waiting for the next opportunity to meet you.

    I have been trying all day to convince some bartenders today to hang the posters. No luck yet :). Hope for better luck tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work! You are doing it great

  2. @Sanda S.

    I think that in the mean time you managed to do it :)
    Thanks and hope to see you again :)

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