How to win a Flex Builder license

Last Saturday, while I was in Cluj presenting at the PHP GeekMeet event, I came up with this idea: if you manage to convince a pub owner to hang the Flash/Flex API posters on the wall, then you get a free Flex Builder license. The contest for Cluj has started, as I already gave away 3 posters. I am waiting to find the winner. I’m looking for a nice photo of the beautified and (at the same time) the luckiest wall in town, and maybe a small video).

The next contest starts on May 19th, this time in Bucharest. I will give away posters at Adobe Developer Day. Because we are talking about a really big city, I am willing to grant two licenses. Gentlemen, start your engines :)

Don’t worry, your chance is coming. Hopefully I’ll bring the contest to your town, or one nearby soon.

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